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March 21, 2019

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Swimming Lessons page for information on Registration, Sessions, and Holidays.

NOTIFICATION TO POOL PATRONS:  We would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to Amy Nelder who has been our Pool Coordinator for over 7 years.  Amy is moving on to new and exciting opportunities but has certainly left her mark on our team and at the Spruce Aquatic Centre. We wish you all the best Amy!!  Please welcome Jamie Nelder who is our new Pool Coordinator.  These are big shoes to fill and there will be ups and downs while navigating this transition so we ask that you please be patient should there be bumps in the road. Jamie is excited about this new role and is looking forward to meeting you!!  Please introduce yourself when you are in next.

How to Access Your child’s Report Card

PDF. Registration Form.

We offer five different sessions of swim classes throughout the year: Fall, Winter, Spring One, Spring Two, and Summer. We open up registration for the upcoming session a few weeks in advance of the first class. Please check the website regularly for any updates to the session and registration dates.

How to Hand in Your Registration Form

Please do not hand your registration form in early.

If you wish to contact the Pool Coordinator you can by clicking here and using our online contact form . The direct phone line for the pool is 519-271-4090 x2282.

Click here if you wish to fill out our Swim Lesson Program Evaluation Form.

Click here if you wish to fill out our Swimming Lesson Registration form online. *WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS FOR SPRING ONE, THE SESSION IS FULL.

PDF. - SPRING ONE 2019 Swimming Lesson Schedule

PDF. - Fall, Winter, Spring session dates and Registration dates


SPRING ONE LESSON SCHEDULE now posted below as well as PDF.

Swimming lessons Schedule for Monday to Friday.  A seperate schedule for Saturday and Later Thursday nights is available below.

Classes are 30 minute unless it states otherwise.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Lessons  





Preschool 2/3

Swimmer 1/2

Private Lesson One child.

4pm-4:30pm  Private Lesson *already booked

Preschool 2/3

4pm Preschool 2

Swimmer 3/4

Preschool 1/2

Swimmer 1/2


Parent Tot 3

Preschool 4/5

Private Lesson One child.*already booked

4:30-5pm Private Lesson

Preschool 4/5

4:30pm Preschool 3

Parent and Tot 4

Preschool 2/3

Parent and Tot 3


Preschool 1

Swimmer 3/4

Private Lesson One child.

5-5:30pm Private Lesson

Swimmer 2/3

5pm Parent and Tot 3

Preschool 1

Parent and Tot 4

Preschool 4/5


5pm Preschool 1/2

Parent Tot 3



This class starts at 5:45pm

Parent and tot 1/2

5:30-6pm Private Lesson *already booked

Swimmer 4/5

5:30pm Preschool 4/5

Swimmer 2/3

Parent and Tot 1/2


5:30pm Parent and Tot 4

Preschool 3/4


This class starts at 6:15pm and is 45 minutes

Swimmer 5-7

6pm-6:30pm Private Lesson*already booked

6:30-7pm Private Lesson

6pm Preschool 3

6:30pm Swimmer 1/2

Preschool 3/4

Parent and tot 1/2

Thursday Evening lessons:

Time Level

Swimmer 5/6

7:30-8:00 Swimmer 7/8

Saturday Lessons:

9:00-9:30am Parent and Tot 1/2

9:35-10:05am Parent and Tot 3

10:00am Parent and Tot 4

10:10am Preschool 1

10:30am Swimmer 1/2

10:45am Preschool 4/5

11:00am Preschool 3

11:15am Swimmer 3

11:30am Preschool 2