The Spruce Lodge Foundation is a not for profit charitable foundation, established to improve the resident and family experience at Spruce Lodge. While the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care have established resident fees and health care subsidies to meet their expectations in terms of the long term care service offered, there are increasingly more and more opportunities made available through the use of technology, therapies and purpose built spaces that will enhance the lives of residents and surpass Ministry expectations. Without your support these programs and services would not otherwise be possible.

Your donations can help to fund a specific activity or initiative or they can be used to support innovative care or specialty programs and services. You can direct your donation to whichever purpose you wish and every dollar you donate goes directly to the cause selected and has a tremendous impact on the lives of the more than 350 residents and their families.

We have profiled some of our special projects that you are welcome to direct your donation toward and we encourage you to phone should you have any questions. 

Music Therapy

Originally a pilot project with graduate students from the University of Waterloo, the Spruce Lodge Music Therapy program has been a tremendous success. Thanks to the ongoing support of donors, the Lodge has been able to contract the services of the former UoW student, now a graduate music therapist. We have also been able to partner with other students from the same program and the impact has been truly amazing. The Music Therapy program changes lives and we have seen many residents rekindle their love of music, and not just as passive observers, but as active participants. Please do inquire of our Life Enrichment Program Manager should you wish to learn more and please do consider this program for your ongoing support.


Located on the East side of Spruce Lodge, in sight of the main entrance, the Spruce Lodge labyrinth is a walking, wheeling or strolling path intended to provide a peaceful time of reflection. This labyrinth is intended for the benefit of all comers who might benefit from a time of peace and tranquility. You will see from the photo/drawing, that its not a maze that includes choice of path and direction, but rather is a single path that leads to and from the center. Labyrinths have been known to relieve stress and anxiety by quieting the spirit as one focusses on the simple path, while at the same time drifting off into thought. The Spruce Lodge Labyrinth is nearly complete, again thanks to our generous donors, however continued support is needed to bring the project to the next phase, which will include a secluded garden patio for lounging, complete with a running water feature. Once complete the labyrinth will need to be carefully maintained over time. Please inquire of our Life Enrichment Manager should you wish to learn more about the Spruce Lodge Labyrinth and how you can be a part of this worthwhile initiative.

Central Courtyard

Spruce Lodge is fortunate to have many outdoor spaces intended for the enjoyment of residents and their friends and families. Each of these outdoor spaces, complete with plants, furniture, sun shade and interactive features, require considerable upkeep that is frankly too easy to forget when faced with so many other competing priorities and the primary focus of resident care. Because we are simply not in a position to tackle each of these areas, not to mention other indoor spaces that are important to residents, we have opted to prioritize projects year by year. The Central Courtyard is an outdoor space enjoyed by many residents, and is the focal point of our outdoor resident gardening project. There is the need to replant garden beds, to refresh the sun shade pergola and to replace raised planters and furniture. Should you wish to learn more about this project or to donate toward this project, please speak with either our Administrator or our Life Enrichment Manager.

Living Tree

In addition to special projects listed, you may wish to make your donation to another project or purpose that you feel is important for our Spruce Lodge residents. You are certainly welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions and we are ready willing and able to make things happen. Over the years we have seen donations directed to many worthwhile projects, several of which we would have not considered without your suggestion and support. Donations made for these listed projects or any others will be recognized on the Spruce Lodge Living Tree, with hopes that someday we won't see the tree for the forest. Please visit the living tree to learn more about the levels of recognition. Should you wish to be recognized in another way, or not at all, please let us know by speaking with our Administrator. 


If you are interested in making a donation, please contact our Business Manager who will direct you as to how the donation can be made.