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We're proud of the programs that we run through our Therapeutic Pool. But don't just listen to us - read why some of our attendees keep coming back to our Aquatic Centre.

The pool, oh it’s great. I like going. It makes me feel good.

Ross, Spruce Lodge Resident

Oh I like it down there. I enjoy going and Amy is a really nice person. She treats me really great. My volunteer was great; she helped me at doing different things and exercises.

Kenneth, Spruce Lodge Resident

I go to the get my body exercised. The pool is meant for exercise. Margaret, my volunteer, is just wonderful. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Mary, Spruce Lodge Resident

If I wasn’t going to the pool I would be in a wheelchair right now. I’ve had knee operations and my doctor and physio said it was the best thing for me to go to the pool and they are so pleased with my progress and so am I.

Marguerite, Fitness Class Attendee

When I first moved here, I came to the pool for the warm water and to keep in good shape as I aged. Now I come to the pool for the excellent instruction that we are given by Amy. The instruction she gives has been so helpful in my aging process.

Jan, Fitness Class Attendee

I love to come to the pool. The biggest reason is for my health. Four years ago I couldn’t breathe or walk very well and the pool has given me my strength and my muscles back. I am improving all the time.

Judy, Fitness Class Attendee

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