Adult Programs - Therapy and Adult Swims

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September 20, 2019

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Admission - Policy and Pricing

Click here to access the current schedule

Our schedules change, or are subject to change, every 10 weeks.  Please check back regularly for updates. Updates to the schedule will be noted with a time/date. 

Whenever possible we do the best we can to avoid cancellations and disruptions to the posted schedule. Sometimes this is unavoidable. Swim times can change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

Adult Swim

These swims are strictly for adults.  You may work on your therapy, or just come to enjoy the warm water.  These swims run on days where the pool is not life guarded. 

Therapy/Adult Swim

Therapy/Adult Swims are for anyone working with someone or on their own in the water for therapy purposes.  This is more of a quiet time where everyone has a chance to work on exercises to increase or work on maintaining their mobility.  While this is non-instructed swim time, we have lifeguards on staff available to aid in your mobility exercises.