Program Cancellations

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The facility is closed to the public until further notice.

As Mandated by the Ministry of Health our facility is closed. All families should respect physical and social distancing.

When it is our time to reopen the facility. The start will be gradual and under the direction of community health officials. This will not be flipping on a switch and instant pick up where we all left off. As providers of aquatics programming for both young and young at heart this will mean change, change in distance practice, change in instructional practice, change in how we all will continue to respect one another as humans. How will we restart is unknown at this time. This has been a societal reset and if anything we should be learning the seldom taught art of patience, respect for others, love and respect for ourselves. Just as we all used to relish the good old days, let us all slow things down and no longer speed towards the stop sign, there is no rush.

Credits will be applied to all current registrants in the form of rain cheques.

Classes may be cancelled due to personnel shortages, not being able to train new staff, or being afraid just as so many of us are in these unprecedented times.

So please be kind, patient and safe

Jamie and Spruce Lodge pool Staff 


Aquatic Manager or Pool Coordinator with any related feedback or suggestions.

Aquatic Manager: Julie Bree 271-4090 Ext 2225

Pool Coordinator: Jamie Nelder 271-4090 Ext 2282


Rain Cheques for classes/ lessons

Rain cheques will be issued for classes or lessons that are cancelled by Spruce Lodge Pool. The rain cheque is valid for one(1) year from date of issue. They are not to be altered in any way after issue, and will be deemed void if submitted in an unacceptable fashion.
The process of issuing rain cheques may take up to 14 days to process. ********testing edit*******
Please note that all rain cheques that were dated to expire during the Covid-19 closure will be extended by six months.