Program Cancellations

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This page will be updated in real time re. current and future cancellations regarding programs at the Spruce Aquatic Centre.  

A time and date will be listed for cancellations and/or when the cancellations were posted so you know what is current and relevant.

Posted Friday Jan. 18, 2019
Due to an Air Handling unit repair, and part that will not be in until Monday Jan. 21, we have to cancel the following Swimming lessons:

Parent and Tot 3 and Parent and Tot 4 Friday at 5:15pm

Parent and Tot 1/2 Friday 6:25pm

Parent and Tot 1/2 Saturday at 9:00am

Parent and Tot 3 and Parent and Tot 4 at 9:35am.

The air temperature is too cold for the tots to maintain body temperature at the surface of the pool.  We will write a rain cheque for the missed lesson and the Swimming Instructors will hand them out next week.

We apologize for the cancellation, however at this time of year we do not want to risk your little ones getting sick.

Thank you for your understanding.

Spruce Lodge Therapy Pool In light of this I would like to invite the remaining swimming lesson participants to please bring an extra towel and keep your children dry, instead of the customary shower prior to entering the pool deck, in order for the children to remain warm. Instructors will direct towels to be hung near the stairs to allow for a quick wrap up as soon as out of the water.