Therapeutic Pool

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Our pool follows strict regulations to be considered a therapy pool, inclusive of keeping our pool at 92 degrees Fahrenheit (33 degrees Celsius).

Some of the many benefits of swimming in a therapy pool include the following:

  1. Increase in joint flexibility as buoyancy reduces the amount of strain and stress of gravity. This increases the range of motion of joints and other body parts. The warm water relaxes sore or tight muscles.
  2. Increase in muscle strength. As water is up to 700 times more resistant than air, weakened muscles can strengthen as they complete exercises in the water. Additionally, water resists rapid movements so if you continue your exercise outside of the pool, the pool will continue to build your strength.
  3.  A decrease in pain, as being submerged into warm water comforts the body while increasing blood supply to sore muscles. This also relaxes the body, providing additional relief.
  4. Improved balance as consistent water pressure combined with buoyancy supports your body. This gives you extra time to react to a movement without falling or injuring yourself.


We prioritize the needs of all swimmers and have created an environment that has the necessary equipment to support certain accessibility needs.

  • Graduated depth
  • 5 feet depth at the max
  • Water depth of 2½ feet in the shallow end with a gradual slope to 5 feet 
  • Wheelchair accessible facility 
  • Railing around the inside of the pool
  • Pool lift is available if one is unable to use the stairs
  • Please note manual wheelchairs are permitted on the pool deck, however automatic wheelchairs are not permitted.

If you have additional accessibility needs or have questions about the accessibility of the pool, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Pool Coordinator.