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Mini Food Trade Show

Each year we hold a mini resident food trade show in the Spruce Lodge living room, where vendors bring in samples of various ...
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There are a multitude of activities and services available for Hamlet Estate residents from Aquatic Fitness programming to spa services to banking.

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Resident Life at Hamlet Estates is designed with independence in mind. Amenities at Hamlet Estates cover everything from banking services to hair dressing to winter maintenance.

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Life Lease

Life Lease is an independent housing model that allows residents to purchase the right to occupy their unit for life. The Life Lease is secured through an upfront capital payment, usually comparable to what one might expect to pay on the open market for other housing of comparable size and features. In life lease housing, you do not own a property; you hold an “interest” in that property in exchange for a lump sum payment up-front, with monthly maintenance fees and property tax payments. 

Resident Life

We put the independence of our residents at the core of the design of Hamlet Estates and all of its activities and amenities. From winter maintenance to banking services, from Aqua Fitness to hair dressing, we've put your needs first.

Becoming a Resident