What You Need to Know - Attending Parent and Tot Three and Four

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 We are excited to have you swimming with us and glad you picked our pool to continue your tots on their lifelong love of water!


Just a few things you need to know before you attend:

  1. Parent and Tot level 3 and 4 classes are designed to assist with the gradual comfort of separating from the parent and swimming on their own. This time in the pool will be spent playing, singing, and learning.  
  2. All of our tots who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers.  It is absolutely imperative that your child does not wear a diaper in the pool.  For various reasons this is very unsafe and unsanitary.  Also please make sure to take children to the bathroom before the start of the lesson.
  3. Please remember you will be invited to come on deck and/or into the pool by the Swimming Instructor in charge of your class.  We start teaching our children to be water safe from day one by teaching you how to observe and model safe water behaviour. 
  4. If you have questions about the water safe messages being presented or techniques used in the pool please do not hesitate to ask the instructor.  Should you need further information, please feel free to contact the Pool Coordinator.
  5. Remember the best way to love the water later in life is to have FUN and SAFE experiences early on! 
  6. In Parent and Tot 3 (for ages 2-3 years old only) we would like the parents to be out of the pool for lessons 5-10.  This will mean gradually getting your child used to the idea of swimming on their own with the teacher so that by lesson 5 they are ready to be on their own.  We recognize there are good days and bad days, so be prepared to come into the pool should your child just not be ready for that separation.  We would like children in this group to be ready to listen and follow basic safety rules.
  7. In Parent and Tot 4 (for ages 2-4 years only) you get to stay in with your child for the entire duration of the program session and you and your child can stay in this class until your child is 4. This class is for children who may need that extra time to transition from having a parent in the water to group setting with the swimming instructor.


More Questions?

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