Strategic Plan 2020-2022

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Our Mission:

To strive for excellence in accommodation and services for seniors and the physically and mentally challenged in a pleasant, caring, homelike environment ensuring dignity and quality of life.

Our Vision:

People first and the Spruce Lodge logo represents the “people first” tree.  The concept “people first” implies that we are here to serve and to put people first by involving them in decisions that affect their quality of life, both home-life for residents and work-life for staff, and by continually striving to improve these experiences.

Our Values:

Friendly:                      We value people that strive to be friendly to each other and to all stakeholders.

Inspired:                       We value people that are inspired by the work they do such that their passion shines through and they inspire others to be at their best.

Resident focused:        We value people that understand and appreciate that all we do is intended for the immediate or the eventual benefit of our residents.

Solution oriented:       We value people that focus on the solutions and not the problems.

Teamwork:                   We value people who understand they are part of a team, by caring how their actions affect others, by putting the interests of the team above their own, and by realizing that doing so helps everyone.


The Strategic Plan

The leadership team of Spruce Lodge, in consultation with our stakeholders including staff, residents, and families has set the following initiatives and goals for the coming three years.

Three Pillars of Focus

People First:

  1. We will implement specific strategies that support and promote team work at all levels of the organization
  2. We will identify opportunities for process improvement with our Palliative Care approach.


  1. We will establish and communicate our expectations for personal care and provide education and support to ensure that all residents receive personal care that meets the standard.
  2. We will strengthen our leadership model by empowering staff at all levels.


  1. We will develop and enhance partnerships with schools and learning institutions for mutual benefit.
  2. We will be an active participant in the Huron Perth Ontario Health Team.

Please contact any member of the management team for more detailed information.