Our Corporate Structure

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Our Corporate Structure

As you will see from the governance chart below, the Spruce Lodge campus has independent, albeit interconnected Boards of governance for each component part.   The boxes on the left of the chart depict the involved Municipalities and their appointment of councillors, the circles on the right depict the lay person appointments from the respective councils, and the triangles in the middle depict the interconnected Boards.



Our Boards of Directors

Spruce Lodge 

Spruce Lodge Board 2017.jpg
Left to Right: Councillors Rhonda Ehgoetz (County), Kathy Vassilakos (City), Frank Mark (CIty), Jim Aitcheson (County), Carey Pope (St. Marys) and seated Don Van Galen (St. Marys)

Spruce Lodge is a non-incorporated municipal entity that is owned and governed by the County of Perth, the City of Stratford and the Town of St Marys.  Each of these municipalities own a proportionate share of the Lodge and each appoint two councillors to represent their interests.  The Board of Spruce Lodge include the following representatives;

County of Perth

  • Councillor Jim Aitcheson
  • Councillor Rhonda Egoetz

City of Stratford

  • Councillor Frank Mark (Board Vice Chair)
  • Councillor Kathy Vassilakos

Town of St Marys

  • Councillor Don Van Galen (Board Chair)
  • Councillor Carey Pope


Woodland Towers (Spruce Lodge Non-Profit Housing)

NPH Board Pic.jpg

Woodland Towers is incorporated as a not for profit, known as Spruce Lodge Non-Profit Housing.  The Towers Board of Directors has representation from Spruce Lodge Board, from each of the municipal partners, as well as lay person representation from each of the municipalities and representation from amongst the residents of Woodland Towers.    The Board of Directors for Spruce Lodge Non-Profit Housing include the following;

County of Perth

  • Councillor Jim Aitcheson (Board Chair)
  • Dennis Manarey

City of Stratford

  • Councillor Kath Vassilakos
  • Taryn Beehler

Town of St Marys

  • Councillor Carey Pope
  • (vacant position)


  • Eileen Reed Ford
  • John Bannon
  • Ethel Sage

Spruce Lodge Home Assistance Corporation

The Home Assistance corporation also operates on a not for profit basis and is intended to capture the community support services and programs that benefit all residents of the Spruce Lodge campus, as well as residents of the surrounding community.  The Spruce Lodge Board serve as directors for this corporation.  While there are a myriad of such services, the key services include; the Pool and Aquatic Center, the Active Living Center for Seniors, and  the Supportive Housing and Assisted Living Service Program .

Spruce Lodge Foundation

Spruce Lodge is also fortunate to have a charitable foundation, whose sole beneficiary is the residents of the Spruce Lodge campus of care.  Again the Spruce Lodge Board serve as directors for this corporation. At any point in time the foundation is involved with a variety of initiatives that are either not supported financially by government funding.  Alternatively they may not be adequately funded services and/ or program equipment or amenity areas that complement the mission and people first vision of the Lodge.  Those who wish to contribute toward these special programs and amenity areas are welcome to donate, toward whatever might be of most interest.

Hamlet Estates  

Incorporated as Hamlet Estates of Stratford and District, Hamlet only has one cross over Board member from Spruce Lodge.  In addition, three Hamlet Estates residents serve on the Board of Directors, as do three other residents of the City of Stratford.  The Board of Directors of Hamlet Estates include the following

   Spruce Lodge Board representative

  • Councillor Rhonda Egoetz

Hamlet Estates residents

  • Jackie Menchenton
  • Doug Harmer
  • Lavern Gould

Stratford & area residents

  • Carl Thompson
  • Doug Pinder
  • Bruce Symons (Board Chair)