Support Services

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Woodland Towers is more than just a place to live, and is intended for those that need more than just a place to live. As such, each resident at Woodland Towers benefits from an array of support services including the following:

  • Congregate Dining
  • Emergency Call Bell system
  • Health promotion services, blood pressure clinic
  • Special events, activities, and entertainment
  • Warm water therapeutic swimming pool (closed)
  • A hair salon/barber shop
  • A therapeutic bathing room
  • A corner store
  • Fitness and wellness room
  • Nursing services

Additionally, each resident has access to a Support Services Program Manager who is a Registered Practical Nurse. The Support Services Program Manager is able to familiarize residents about optional community support services and long term care services. They also manage a comprehensive Supportive Housing/Assisted Living program for residents that are pre-qualified by the Southwest LHIN Home and Community Care. 

Supportive Housing/Assisted Living

This program provides service to maintain independent living for seniors and or adults with disabilities of Woodland Towers. 

This program consists of:

  • 24 hour service for a limited number of clients.
  • Applicants with the assistance of the Support Service Manager apply to the program through the Southwest LHIN Home and Community Care. 
  • Services of this program are intended to prevent or postpone placement into long-term care.
  • These services facilitate independent community living through the tailoring of an array of personal care and 24 hour support services unique to each tenant in the program.
  • There are no costs to receive services from this program

Safety Reassurance Checks

The Safety Reassurance Check program is activated by the apartment bathroom light switch being turned off and on. This non-intrusive resident monitoring system ensures that each resident has been up by 10 am and has reactivated the system before 9:30pm. This system is monitored in the Support Workers office of Woodland Towers.  

If the panel is not activated by 10am and by 9:30 pm the staff will:

  • Phone the resident’s apartment.
  • If no answer by phone, staff will go to the apartment and knock on the door, announce themselves and enter the apartment.

This system is one of the reasons residents are asked to notify staff if they will be away overnight.

Emergency Call Bell System

Each apartment has an emergency call bell system that is connected to our support staff 24/7.  In the event of an emergency, residents can activate the system using the personal pendant,  connecting them directly to PSW's, who will respond and assess their situation, calling 911 as required.  

Congregate Dining

At Woodland Towers, we believe in actively creating community amoung our residents. One of the main ways we do this is through providing our residents delicious home cooked meals, served in our beautifully decorated dining room.  

The Woodland Towers Dining Room provides two meals per day, seven days per week and each meal is designed by our Nutrition Services Team to ensure that it meets the dietary needs of our residents.

The following are the set start times for each meal service:

  • Noon Meal - 11:45 am
  • Evening Meal – 4:45 pm 

Recognizing that our resident’s lead busy, active lives, our weekly menu is posted at the entrance in each elevator and on the main bulletin board in the Front Lobby, allowing the flexibility to attend based on their meal preferences and schedules. 

While residents participate in a minimum of 16 meals a month, they are welcome to purchase additional meals as they wish, and families and visitors are welcome to join  as guests for any meal, at an additional cost.

If you are having three or more guests joining you for a meal, please notify the Support Services Program Manager, or the Support Services staff.