Move In Process

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Move In Process

  1. Contact the Administrative Assistant in the Main Office for the keys to your apartment.
  2. The Support Services Manager will contact you to verify the time and date that you wish to move in on. You will be asked to come in and receive an overview of the “Guidelines” for the Move-In Process of Woodland Towers.
  3. The following are the current Move In Times:
    • 9:00am until 11:00am
    • 2:00pm until 4:00pm
    • 6:00pm until 9:00pm

Move In Guidelines 

  1. Moving into Woodland Towers I, use the driveway to the double steel doors located at the side of Towers I.
  2. Moving into Woodland Towers II, use the driveway to the double steel doors located at the side of Towers II.
  3. Moving into Woodland Towers III, have the moving truck park on West Gore and follow the cement path to the lower level side entrance steel doors.
  4. Do not use the front entrance at anytime to move items into the Towers.
  5. Moving Equipment such as trolleys are available upon request. Please advise the maintenance department prior to your moving date if trolleys will be required.
  6. Parking is available to your family while you are moving in. We ask that you ensure your vehicles are parked in parking spots clearly marked “Visitor parking” in the upper front lot.
  7. Residents Responsibilities: Telephone and Internet hook-up with whomever you choose. Cable T.V. connectivity is automatic, through a bulk arrangement with Rogers, however cable may be disconnected if you wish. Additional channels available through Rogers. Hydro for Woodland Towers III, through the company Ener-care, contact the Administrative Assistant at 271-4090 ext 219. Gas heat for Towers III Residents, through Union Gas
  8. Moving containers (i.e. cardboard boxes): Please break down any card board boxes and place them beside the recycling boxes in their designated areas.

Welcome Visit

The Support Services Manager will try to schedule a visit with you shortly after you move into the Towers to discuss life at the Towers and to answer any questions you may have. Please phone Janine our Support Services Manager at 519-271-4090 x 2212 to set up an appointment.

The Activity Coordinator will invite all new residents to attend the “Newcomer’s Information session and tour of the building.” These are usually held 2-3 times per year.

A member of the “Resident Welcoming Committee” will also meet you within the first few days to give you a brief tour of the main areas and invite you to join them in the dining room for a meal. 

Apartment Decorating 

Apartments may be personally decorated at residents expense with the following guidelines in mind.

  • Residents are required to have approval from the Environmental Services Manager regarding choice of colors.
  • Darker colors are discouraged.
  • Window treatments (blinds, valances and curtains) for apartments are the responsibility of the residents.
  • Flooring is provided with the apartment. Residents, however, are welcome, at their own expense, to upgrade their flooring with approval.
  • All such work must be pre-approved by the Administrator.
  • Light fixtures may be changed or switched for a ceiling fan, at residents’ expense. Original fixtures to be given to the maintenance department for safe storage.
  • Please put your request into writing, as all installations must be pre-approved by the Administrator and installed by a certified electrician.