Getting Ready to Move-In Checklist

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When moving into Spruce Lodge, the following bullets highlights the necessary items to consider when transitioning homes.

  • Fill out the All About Me Booklet . This information helps us get to know our residents and create meaningful relationships with them.

  • Bring with you 3-5 photos that you or your loved one will recognize. We will use these to create a life story collage that will be posted outside their room. you can also scan and email them to one of the Life Enrichment Activity staff members.

  • Come with a list of food likes and dislikes.

  • Creating a good first impression is helpful when entering your new room. Please bring items that you or your loved one will recognize and that will make the room feel more like home, such as bedspread/quilts, artwork, clock, family photographs, and lamps.

  • Many residents choose to spend time in their rooms while they adjust to their new home. You are welcome to bring reading material, iPads, radios, TVs, and computers. These items help to pass the time when planned programs are not running.

  • If you are bringing a wall mount TV, the family is responsible for coordinating the installation though a local company. Spruce Lodge has its own cable TV plan and residents can opt into a variety of options if a beloved station is not included in our package. Please let us know if you are interested.

  • We encourage residents and families to set up a Home Trust Account through the Front Office. This allows residents access to funds during posted bank hours. We can then charge the account for services, such as papering at "All Spruced Up" or special outings. 

  • If you are interested in sharing a meal with your loved one please let the kitchen resident assistant (RA) know. The RA can review this process with you and make the necessary arrangements.

  • If you are looking for a quiet space during or after the move please know that you are welcome to spend time in our quiet room or chapel.

  • If you are bringing in electrical items, please ensure they are in good working order, have a CSA sticker, and have either a grounded plug or a polarized plug. Currently, we are unable to accommodate supplementary heating appliances such as electric fireplaces.

  • It is important that personal items (clothing, blankets, etc.) are labelled. Please speak with staff and they will make arrangements to have them labelled.

  • We will need copies of all current Powers of Attorney for our files.