Resident Life

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We are never too old to make new friends.


The following is a brief description of a routine day at Spruce Lodge. Given our People First  vision, it is our wish to allow for flexibility and individuality of care for each resident.

Morning Routine

  • Residents are assisted as needed with rising from bed, getting dressed, toilet routine, personal hygiene and generally getting ready for the day ahead.
  • Our relaxed breakfast service allows residents to rise when ready.  A fresh hot meal is served from 8 to 9:30 am.  For those who wish to sleep in, we offer a continental breakfast.
  • All residents are encouraged and expected to come to the dining room for their meals, unless they are ill. When residents are ill, staff will deliver their meal to them.
  • Following breakfast, residents are encouraged to attend activities, such as 1:1 physiotherapy, music therapy and church services. Personal care requirements are also completed at this time, such as bathing, toilet routines and hair appointments at the Spruce Lodge hair salon, “All Spruced Up”.
  • A morning drink and snack is offered at 11am.

Afternoon Routine

  • Lunch is served at 12:40 with two options available for our residents to choose from for their meal.
  • Families and visitors are welcome to join the residents as guests for any meal. To help us accomodate this request we ask that you provide with with 2 hours notice when possible. The cost of guest meals are posted in each living area.
  • Following the noon meal, residents are invited to attend various activities.
  • Resident Assistants provide afternoon nourishment for all residents.
  • Individualized and group programs, run by the Life Enrichment team, continue throughout the afternoon. Monthly activity calendars are posted in each living area.
  • Most afternoons, the Spruce Cafe and Pub is open for a social gathering and happy hour. Tea and coffee are available, free of charge, for the residents at the Cafe with other snack items available for purchase.

Evening Routine

  • Personal care, including bathing routines, are carried out later in the afternoon and evening by the 3-11 staff.
  • Dinner is served at 5:40 P.M. Again there are 2 choices available.
  • After dinner residents are encouraged to attend activities such as musical entertainment, reading the newspaper, movie nights, or sports on the large screen television.
  • Residents are then assisted with their night-time routine and readied for bed following their preferred bedtime hour. We do encourage all residents to stay up until 7:00 P.M. to help promote a restful sleep.
  • At approximately 8:00 P.M., Resident Assistants serve the evening nourishment.
  • Once the residents are in bed they are checked routinely and repositioned, and care provided as necessary throughout the night