Administrative Services

Jen Lobsinger
Human Resources Coordinator
Mary Anne Weller
Quality Improvement Lead
Jenn Facey
Business Coordinator (Payroll & Benefits )
Jennifer Smith
Business Coordinator (Accounts Receivable)
Nicole Bontaine
Business Coordinator (Accounts Payable & Room Bookings)

Resident Care Services

Angela Hartin, Director of Resident Care
Director of Resident Care
Luanne Harkes
Scheduling Coordinator
Sheri Blake
Behaviour Support Team
Darcy Farwell
Nursing Rehab Coordinator
Jeanette Bender
Assistant Director of Resident Care
Heidi Ehrlich
Infection Control Nurse

Life Enrichment

Environmental Services

Paul Smith, Housekeeping and Laundry Manager
Housekeeping & Laundry Manager

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services Manager
Nutrition Services Manager
Sandy Erb
Nutrition Services Supervisor
Lexi Kaufman
Nutrition Services Supervisor (Catering)

Spruce Aquatic Centre