Spruce Lodge Family Survey Results 2022

By Erin Klumper

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Spruce Lodge Family Survey Results 2022

A Summary of the Open Ended Question Comments:

What to you consider to be the reason that makes the Lodge a great place for your family member to live here?

  •  The staff are courteous and approachable, willing to try different ideas
  •  It is clean and home like, place is well kept, well maintained
  •  Great activity program
  •  Quality care
  •  Friendly staff that cares for my family member and that supports our family
  •  Full time staff
  •  Communication, the home has done a great job getting us through COVID, keeping us updated and doing the best they possible could
  •  Social events for residents
  •  Open communication between staff and family
  •  Nice safe outdoor area for good weather enjoyment
  •  Pastoral care
  •  Good food
  •  The competence, care and concern and experience of the people who work there
  •  Staff are excellent and caring


What is an area Spruce Lodge could improve upon for your resident?

  •  If the staff could provide a daily update instead of always having to ask questions
  •  Better food
  •  More activities for all residents, weekends need programs just as much as week days
  •  Can’t think of a single thing, perhaps more staff
  •  Hiring permanent staff
  •  Reduce frequent changes of staff location
  •  Knowing where to go to talk to someone in charge when visiting
  •  Communication between departments
  •  Restarting aquafit classes
  •  Dusting resident rooms, better cleaning of resident wheelchairs
  •  More timely communication of changes within the home
  •  Improve the phone system