Behaviour Supports Ontario Program

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Living in a congregate living setting is not without interpersonal challenges, particularly given the needs of those we serve. We intend to assess those residents, who exhibit behavioural concerns, causing problems or concerns for themselves, other residents, family, staff or others. We will then strive to work together with the multidisciplinary team, including the resident, community partners, attending physician, medical director, family and facility staff, and devise a plan of action to decrease responsive behaviours.

Creating an individualized program can have the following benefits:

  • Reduced responsive behaviours
  • Improved resident quality of life
  • Increased family engagement and satisfaction
  • Coordinated, focused education significantly increasing behavioural management skills and increasing staff confidence
  • Increased utilization of the Integrated care Team for care planning
  • Improved teamwork and documentation
  • Common language providing better collaboration and communication among care teams

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Resident Care at (519) 271-4090 ext. 2221.