All Spruced Up Hair Salon

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Bonnie Harris is our in-house hairdresser and has been working here for over 15 years.  All Spruced Up is a full service hair salon providing our residents with everything from mens and ladies haircuts, to weekly sets, and even colouring and perm services to keep everyone looking their very best. 

Please contact Bonnie at (519) 271-4090 ext. 2262 to arrange an appointment. 

Salon hours of operation: 9:00 am-4:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Price List

  • Hair cut-$16.00
  • Sets-$16.00
  • Wash/Cut/Style-$25.00
  • Perm-$55.00
  • Colour-$45.00
  • Men’s Cut-$12.00

Many of our residents opt to have these services paid out of their Home Trust account.  For more information, or set-up an account, please contact Gail.